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Patterned Conveyor Belt

To slope 0-45 to prevent materials from falling off,and to improve the capability of the belt.

1.The material select cotton canvas,nylon canvas or polyester canvas.

2.Categ ory:herringbone pattern,column pattern.

3.Production width:300-1000mm,layers:3-10 layers.

Category:There are common,heat-proof,acid and alkaliresistant and oil-resistant belts,categorized according to the characteristics of cover rubber.

Nylon Conveyor Belt

Nylong is one of the best quality synthetic fibers in rubber industry no wadays,The nylon canvas is

woven by nylon fibers both in warp and in weft,it is the most widely used fabric in rubber industry,

and its outstanding merits are its high abrasion resistance,high tensile strengh and good fatigue


EP Conveyor belt

1.Light and thin belt body

2.High intensity,resistant fatigue,resistant impact

3.good grooving

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