JinBoDa company through the outstanding product quality, competitive price, the perfect date of delivery to win the customers and support. Still we are improving our production technology and improve our service, let JinBoDa company in fluid sealing field play a bigger role.
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Power Generation & Supply
JinBoDa Co. Is a leading provider of high performance sealing products to conventional thermal power stations and heavy electrical industries on a worldwide basis. The capacity we have developed for the power generation and supply sector is unique within the sealing industry.
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Braided packings for pumps and valves.
Our range of braided packings for pumps and valves provide for all known operating conditions at power station. JinBoDa P40* ranges of graphite packings, such as from JinBoDa P401 Expanded graphite packing to JinBoDa P404 Super Graphite packing, etc for high temperature, high pressure steam service.
Gaskets and compression sheets
JinBoDa 1000 Corrugated gasket and JinBoDa 600 Spiral wound gaskets are widely used for high temperature and high pressure duties by power station on a global basis. The full ranges of gaskets which made from compression joint sheets.
Expansion Joints and Bellows
The range of expansion joints for gas turbine exhaust system, exhaust gas ducting, rotary heaters, etc. We also have flexible bellows for actuator arm protectors. JinBoDa Non-metallic bellows are used on cooling water systems and pump connections.
Wipers and bearing strips and O-rings
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