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Flexible Graphite Sheet & Rolls

Flexible graphite sheet and rolls is made from high purity graphite,

it is used can be expanded graphite particles formed by the high temperature

expansion of repression, it retains the high temperature crystalline flake graphite,

corrosion resistant, self lubricating, etc.

Non-asbestos Gasket Sheet

Suitable for water, high temperature steam, compressed air, joint part of tubing, valve, heat exchanger, etc.Can be used in food and medicine industrial.

Reinforced Non-asbestos Sheet

Reinforced non asbestos beater sheet is made from non asbestos beater sheet reinforced with mechanically clinched to 0.2~0.25mm thickness carbon steel tanged metal sheet insert. It is best material for cylinder head gasket and exhaust gaskets.

Oil-resisting Non-asbestos Sheet

Non-asbestos sheet is made from special non-asbestos heat-resisting fiber, NBR rubber compound heating and compression molding. It eliminates asbestos rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly.

Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Asbestos Rubber Sheet is made from asbestos fiber, rubber and heat-resisting materials, compressing it into thick paper.

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